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    More than 2,000 BRICS Summit volunteers in training

    More than 2,000 BRICS volunteers were gathered together on Tuesday to carry out a large-scale, all-weather centralised training session. In addition to  an English lesson, the volunteers also had an etiquette training class given by instructors from Xiamen Airlines.

    Yu Minhong, chairman of the New Oriental Education & Technology Group, and Ai Li, a debater from the TV program Let’s Talk, both came to cheer them on and share their English learning experience.

    “It is a good opportunity for you to participate in the BRICS Summit.” Yu Minhong encouraged everyone to overcome their fear of speaking English and to dare to  overcome their reservations. He said, “The main idea he would like to convey is openness, and that includes personal openness, national openness, and an openness of mind. I think this may be the most important thing for young people.”

    Ai Li said, "Self-confidence is one of the essential qualities of a good volunteer, and volunteer activities will also make everyone more confident.” He encouraged everyone to do more and to learn more without complaining about their voluntary activities.