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    Slogan wanted to promote Xiamen's global image

      Xiamen is a city not only famous for its scenic landscape but also renowned for its profound cultural content. How could this be put in words? Ideas for a one-sentence slogan for Xiamen are being invited from all over the world.

      A proper city slogan exemplifies the city’s greatest qualities. It not only engages with the residents’ subjective sense of place, it also encourages them to be aware of improving personal ethical qualities and it presents a positive city image out into the world. A proper and attractive slogan for Xiamen is an urgent affair as a result of the BRICS this September.

      As of today, ideas that face out into the world are being actively requested. A one-sentence slogan that describes the beauty of Xiamen, illustrates its innovation, energy, tolerance and environmental friendly policies is what is being looking for. Simple words used gracefully and romantically which express how Xiamen has impressed you are particularly welcome.

      The slogan collection is being held by the City Committee External Propaganda Office and Xiamen Daily. The whole collection and selection process will be reported on all media finishing with the choice of that which is best one to represent the city.

      Xiamen has its own characteristics different from other cities. Xiamen is located by sea which can be reached from anywhere in the city. No wonder former U.S. President Richard Nixon praised it as “Hawaii in the East.” Xiamen has won national civilised city four times on account of its beautiful scenery, deep culture and friendly citizens. Tourists from all over the world come to see its beauty. Some people even said,“If you love her, then bring her to Xiamen.”

      China International Fair for Investment and Trade, Xiamen International Marathon, China International Stone Fair and so many more international events are hosted in Xiamen. Now it has become an important showpiece of external trade and communication.

      Xiamen is an innovative and energetic city. It is included in China’s (Fujian) Free Trade Experimental Zone and owns the Cross-Strait emerging industries and service industry demonstration area and Southeast International Shipping Centre. Many entrepreneurs came here to look for the chances and accomplished their dreams.

      This is Xiamen but not all of it. We sincerely hope you find out more about it and condense that into your slogan.

    Content: A slogan of Xiamen image. (In Chinese and English)
    Time: Till April 19
    Participants: All welcome

    1.It must be original and 16 words maximum.
    2.It must be proper but outstanding and present Xiamen’s typical features powerfully and attractively.
    3.It must be brief and catchy in order to publicise.
    4.It must contain a specific introduction of the slogan to explain its meaning.
    5.An English slogan is also wanted.

      How to summit:
    1.Submit via Xiamen Daily’s official WeChat account and Weibo @Xiamen Daily) or xmt@xmrb.com .

      Postal address: Xiamen Daily reader center(Room 1710), Lvling Road, Xiamen.
    2. Real name and contact information must be signed in the work. (As a certificate for receiving present.) “Slogan for Xiamen image”must be noted.
    3. No number limit for work submission.

      Special Notes:
    1. The sponsor owns the right to use once the work has been submitted. The chosen slogan will be used in exhibitions and publicity. No extra fees will be paid.
    2. If the work infringe others’ copyright or reputation, all legal consequences are supposed to bear by individual.
    3. The sooner own the Interpretation.

    1. The best slogans will be chosen through public vote and expert appraisal. The slogans will not be only one, each author will win certain rewards and certification.
    2. Those participating in the online vote will be given souvenirs by random draw.